We are a married couple who both come from design/architecture backgrounds.  At one point we lived together and worked together.  Non-stop, 24/7.  Together.  Yes, we are one of those couples that just get along somehow.  Disgusting, right?

We are quite possibly the perfect combination of a right brain and a left brain.  It says so right on our business cards.  This has become a great outlet for our creativity.  Plus, we get to upcycle and help save the planet one letter at a time.  When you think about it, we are a little bit like super heroes. 


Our Company

We always knew these letters would be great design elements, the problem was trying to get them out into the world.  We started by showing them off at some local art shows.  The feedback was fan-freakin'-tastic, so we decided that this could be an actual, real-life business.

So here we are, finding old channel letters and signs that were installed on buildings and turning them into art for your own personal enjoyment!  You're welcome.

Once we learned how to wire the LED's, we realized we could light just about anything.  Thus began the Surprise Light idea.

Our Process

First things first.  We are NOT a sign company.  We do not make new signs.

What we actually do is find old letters, rescue them, clean them up (because they need it, trust us), and make them pretty.  For the most part, we create the designs for each piece based on what the letter inspires.  We try to make the designs as universally appealing as possible.  But, the fact that they can be customized to your individual taste is what makes them super cool.  So let us know what you like and we can create your unique piece of art.

As for the Surprise Lights, the sky is the limit!  If we don't have the letter you're looking for, we can always create a unique, framed, backlit piece of art for you.  If you have an inside joke with a friend and you can't find a gift that represents it, we can make it happen.  You can request a name, an image, whatever.  Get creative, give us a challenge!



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